Tuesday, October 14, 2014

90% healed at 19 months!!!

On topical steroids on and off for 2 years - never longer than the 2 week stretch that the doctors prescribed. Started withdrawal at age 3 on March 1, 2013 and is 90% healed at 19 months of withdrawal (age 5.5). *Used National Jewish Health for treatment of eczema.

It's been a while since I've posted but thought it's about time to update! In June, we moved to a different state to stay with family while we poise ourselves for the next step in our lives.  We left a very dry climate, high elevation, less oxygen, and we also found our dog a new home. We came to a more humid climate, basically sea level, more oxygen, and no pets. Within weeks of being here, Keegan's skin has gotten dramatically better. His bloating has subsided for the most part, and his skin has cleared drastically!

This picture of his feet below was at the beginning of June. We started using this Shea Lemongrass cream every day:


and the before and after pix are 4 days apart!!! 

From this point on, his feet have pretty much stayed looking like this. He still is quite itchy on the feet, but only in the evening. They are still dry and leathery, but not scabby and wounded like before. The worst spots now are his feet, backs of knees, and wrists - still SO much better than they used to be!
Everywhere else is baby smooth, soft supple skin. He is still also dealing with boils in random spots, and is still itchy on his feet.

For the boils, we tried a round of antibiotics at first, and they only stayed away for 2 weeks. We are now doing sovereign silver, echinacea extract, and a mushroom extract to try to kick the staph infection for good.

As for the TSW journey, the worst time for us was in the 3rd month off of steroid creams. My son had another major flare at 6 months TSW and 1 year TSW (see pics). 


  1. So happy that your son is doing well! My 6 year old daughter is in the 9th month of TSW and it's hell. How is his sleep?


  2. Yuliya - His sleep has not been affected much, except taking a bit to fall asleep. But, then he'll sleep through the whole night no problem. I hope your daughter heals quickly! xxx