Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Entering month 5 for TSW

Keegan's skin has improved, and it seems as though some of his candida issues are exiting. He is still having trouble pooping every day, and they are not "normal" log poops when he does go.
Another mom I've been talking with recommended colonic hydrotherapy treatments, as it helped her son empty toxic waste in the colon, train the colon to fully empty. She said it also helped her son's skin. It's a special machine that lets water flow into your GI tract through a tube, and you poop when you have the urge. This lasts for 20-30 minutes, and it empties the whole colon. So, the 1st one we did was on June 17th, and we had the 2nd one done July 1st (yesterday). The 1st one seemed to help the itch, and the 2nd one seemed to help the back of his knees! This morning, the back of his knees looks the best they've looked since we started this whole process. No dry skin, no scales, no weeping skin, just baby smooth skin! Below is a picture of 11 weeks in, and today (16 weeks in).

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