Thursday, June 13, 2013

We are in the 4th month of TSW

I guess it's time to update!
We started this whole nasty journey not knowing what to expect. It's hell, basically, and I pray doctors stop prescribing steroids foolishly... It's diminished my son's health, and now we have a long road ahead of us because of it.

Let me start from the beginning, the very beginning. I got pregnant. My whole pregnancy I craved ice cream, sweets, etc, and didn't take care in what I ate for the most part. I knew nothing about "gut health", good/bad bacterias, genetically modified foods, etc. I ate what I want because I thought I could (good metabolism!). I took the test to test for group B strep. I was positive, which meant I "needed" to get antibiotics while in labor to prevent the infection from spreading to Keegan during delivery. No one told me to take probiotics during pregnancy to build up the "good" bacteria to overpower the "bad". I was giving the antibiotics while in labor, and Keegan was also given antibiotic eye drops directly after birth because that's just "what you do". These antibiotics prevent an eye infection that could be passed to baby from mom if she has any STD's. Really??? Well, "just in case". Yeah, thanks people.

So, why am I going on about probiotics and antibiotics?
Eczema is caused partly because of disrupted gut flora in children. Our gut flora plays a huge role in our immune system. We want our gut to be populated mainly by good bacterias, not bad bacterias. The population can be disrupted by poor diet and large antibiotic use (both of which I didn't take care about while pregnant with Keegan). He also had random doses of antibiotics here and there in his first couple of years, for things that "may have developed into an infection" or "just in case it's an infection". Each dose of antibiotics was compromising the balance of bacterias in his gut, compromising his immune system.

I know for a fact that the bacterias are out of balance in his gut, we had a stool test performed on him at the beginning of May. It showed that the bad bacterias are a bigger population than the good bacterias, which it should be the opposite. It also showed a candida (yeast) overgrowth in his colon. It showed his colon is inflamed. Do you know what helps cause all these things to happen? Excessive use of topical steroids, excessive rounds of antibiotics, not replenishing the body with good bacteria (by using probiotics), etc.

I'll continue more on my next post.

Oozing started today, June 13, 2013.

These pictures were taken on June 11. Very very itchy, and knees and feet are the worst spots.

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